SEO Alternatives

Paying an expert for help developing good Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies for your business can seem pricey. So, here are some SEO alternatives.

Door to door SEO AlternativesMake a house call: When you hear about someone interested in your business (or needs your services), ring their doorbell! If you find them at home, great! You are the most qualified person to show them how to correctly type your web address into the search bar on their computer and pull up and bookmark your business page. You may then take the time to explain how you can help them, or you can leave them there to read through your website for the answers they seek.

website lab default browser to your website SEO ALternativeComputer labs: Visit public libraries and other public access computer labs. Set your business website to the homepage on every machine to increase viewership. This SEO alternative may not be okay with the Lab techs.

handout websiteTablet dispersion: Invest in some electronic tablets (i.e., iPad or Fire), search up your website, and increase your reach by standing out on a busy street corner to hand them out, preloaded to your business page. Who knows? Maybe someone will take the tablet home and read through the details of your website, and call you in the morning!

Print WebsitePlease don't underestimate the printer: Print out your entire website and bind it. Self-publish it for free and sell it on Amazon for 99 cents. Make a few books while you market your business to avid readers!

These SEO Alternatives are in jest, of course. Considering the alternatives, SEO is a little more sitting at the desk kind of work.

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