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SEO Resources for Squarespace Websites

Squarespace SEO Tools post started with a conference. I recently spoke at a conference, helping Interior Designers learn more about SEO. As part of the conference offering, I agreed to do a Free 15-minute consultation to help them out and answer questions.

I was surprised by the number of Squarespace Websites they were using. Some of these folks have paid thousands of dollars to have the site developed and created as a transactional and marketing site.

At the time of writing this post, I view Square space as a great starter website and great for e-commerce efforts. For SEO purposes, getting the site to rank is more challenging and complex when you have a comprehensive SEO plan that includes code; you can't change the code or server.

That said, I believe in working with what you have. So I created a guide to address some common SEO issues with websites in general and the specific tasks for fixing square space sites.

Code / Technical / On-Page SEO fixes for Squarespace Websites


Technical SEO Audit IconSquarespace SEO Tools Page Level Fixes

If I missed something in this guide, please let me know.

Sidenote: I'm grateful for the DIY website builders that have allowed people a chance to get their business on the web quickly and cost-effectively. But each of these programs has its limitations and ideal capacity. There comes a place in a business lifecycle when the tools and resources you have used need to be upgraded or replaced.

I also recognize that these DIY web builder services continue improving their products and incorporating more SEO and ADA compliance into their systems. I also acknowledge that as a recovering web developer, I have my own biases and preferences. My knowledge and skill level allow me to develop more complicated sites on robust platforms simultaneously as someone learning to DIY a website.

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